How to backup instagram? How to delete your instagram account?

It’s trendy to get rid of social media networks — ironically, it’s sometimes trending on social media networks like #DeleteFacebook. Instagram is not an exception. Although people may have different reasons for deleting their accounts, the idea of leaving the second largest social network is very popular.

You may have also found this post via social media, ironic perhaps

I have a very popular reason for leaving Instagram. Scrolling through Instagram’s feed of photos of delicious food and gorgeous vacation spots makes my life look dull. After 5 minutes on Instagram, I feel like my life is boring (it’s not), so I have decided to leave the social media platform.

In this post, I’ll explain how to back up your Instagram profile and then temporarily disable it or leave the social network for good, permanently deleting your profile.

How to backup your Instagram account

Instagram offers backups that are quite generous. You can download all your photos as well as your contacts, likes, comments and contacts.

On the other hand, everything but photos will be packed in JSON files (JavaScript Object Notation). Although you can still read them (or more like parse them) using simple text editing software, such as TextEdit, WordPad or WordPad, the format is not very useful.

However, your main purpose for asking for an Instagram backup is likely to get photos. The good news is that you will receive them in JPEG format and sorted by date in folders. The bad news is that they will be 1080x1080 in resolution. This is how Instagram stores them. You should expect nothing less.

How to backup your Instagram account using iOS or Android app

You can download a backup from your Instagram account on a smartphone, tablet or computer by following these steps:

— Open the Instagram app.

— Tap the profile icon at the bottom right corner.

— Tap the menu icon at the top right, then tap Settings. It is located in the bottom right corner.

— Scroll down to Privacy and Security and choose Data Download.

— Accept the default address or modify it to deliver.

— Enter your Instagram password and confirm the e-mail address.

— Allow Instagram to email you the link to your archive, with all of your data, for up to 48 hours.

— Click the link to log in to Instagram with your password and login information. Then click Download data to begin downloading the ZIP archive containing your photos and other information.

How to backup your Instagram via the web interface

It’s easier to get your Instagram profile backup from a Web browser, especially if it’s a desktop computer or laptop. These steps will help you:

— Log in to

— Click the profile avatar icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

— Next to your name, click Edit profile.

— Select Privacy and Security from the menu to the left.

— Scroll down and click Request Download in the Data Download subheading. Instagram will send you an e-mail containing the link to your profile photos and other information.

— You can continue the process as before: open the email and click on the link.

— Log in to Instagram.

— To download the ZIP archive with your photos, and other information, click Download data.

After you have backed up your photos you can delete your Instagram account.




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