Guide: How to download Windows 11 avoiding malware | Scams

Although Microsoft has not yet released Windows 11 for the public, it is available for preview and download. That vulnerability is being exploited by cybercriminals who are distributing malware to users that believe they’re downloading Microsoft’s new operating system.

Why not download Windows 11 right away?

Microsoft actually claimed Windows 10 would be the last release of Windows, that the company would just issue updates from there on out. However, Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 on June 24, 2015. Windows 11 was unveiled by Microsoft on June 24, 2012.

Although Windows 11 officially will be available to the public in 2021 (prerelease builds are available for download), many people have been trying it out before that date by installing prerelease builds. While some people are excited to experience the new system, others like tech reporters want to share information about it with their users. Software developers need the OS in order to test compatibility with their products and fix any problems before releasing.

Microsoft makes it easy to download and install Windows 11 from its website. However, many people still go to other sites to get the software. These sources often contain unadvertised goodies by cybercriminals, and are not necessarily Windows 11.

How Windows 11 users are tricked by scammers

Cybercriminals trick users by sneaking in extras (or other) things.

An executable file named 86307_windows 11, build 21996.1 x64 + activate.exe is one example. It looks very plausible, considering the file size of 1.75GB. However, it is actually made up of one DLL file, which contains a lot useless information.

The executable opens the installer. It looks just like a normal Windows installation wizard. It is designed to run another executable, which it does not have the main purpose of. It also comes with an installer. The license agreement, which few people ever read, calls it a “download manger for 86307_windows 11, build 21996.1x64 + activator”, and notes that it will also install sponsored software. A variety of malicious programs can be installed on your computer if you agree to the agreement.

Kaspersky products have defeated hundreds of infections that were based on similar Windows 11-related strategies. A large portion of these threats consists of downloaders, whose task is to download and run other programs.

These other programs can be quite diverse — from fairly harmless adware that our solutions classify not-a-virus to full-fledged Trojans and password stealers, exploits and other nasty stuff.

Microsoft recommends that Windows 11 be downloaded only from official sources. So far, Windows 11 is officially available only to participants in the Windows Insider program — that is, you have to register. A device that has Windows 10 installed will also be required.

You can upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 by going to Settings and clicking Update & Security. Next, select Windows Insider Program to activate Dev Channel.

We do not recommend that you run the update on your main machine. Prebuilts can cause instability.

We also advise you to use a reliable security solution and never disable it, so that cybercriminals cannot gain access to your computer through social engineering or vulnerabilities in the not-ready-for-primetime system.




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