Cyber Security Salary Year 2021 Market Analysis

Cyber security analysts help to protect an organisation by employing a range of technologies and processes to prevent, detect and manage cyber threats

As a cyber security analyst, you will protect IT infrastructure (including networks, hardware and software) from a range of criminal activity. You will monitor networks and systems, detect security threats (‘events’), analyse and assess alarms, and report on threats, intrusion attempts and false alarms, either resolving them or escalating them, depending on the severity.

Broadly, you can work in one of the following areas:

— consulting, offering advisory services to clients
— working to protect the security of the organisation you work for.

Job titles vary and may include information security analyst, security analyst, information security consultant, security operations centre (SOC) analyst and cyber intelligence analyst.
As a cyber security analyst, you’ll need to:

— keep up to date with the latest security and technology developments
— research/evaluate emerging cyber security threats and ways to manage them
— plan for disaster recovery and create contingency plans in the event of any security breaches
— monitor for attacks, intrusions and unusual, unauthorised or illegal activity
— test and evaluate security products
— design new security systems or upgrade existing ones
— use advanced analytic tools to determine emerging threat patterns and vulnerabilities
— engage in




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Shah Rukh Athar Siddiqui

Shah Rukh Athar Siddiqui

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